Regional TRANSPORTATION Improvement Program (RTIP)

CDTC's primary role in transportation funding is to establish regional priorities. Transportation 2040 , the Regional Transportation Plan, identifies long-term transportation needs and funding priorities. Local cities and counties develop comprehensive plans and capital improvement programs that advance Transportation 2040 projects along with local priorities. The CDTC also selects transportation projects through a competitive grant process to receive federal gas tax dollars that are returned to our region.

click image to view the 2017–2020 Regional TIP

click image to view the 2017–2020 Regional TIP

The Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a clearinghouse of approved transportation projects throughout the region that are scheduled for construction or implementation over a four year period. The TIP is fiscally constrained, meaning that funding for its projects is reasonably expected to be available. A summary of the 2017 TIP's fiscal constraint can be found here.

These projects are funded with various combinations of federal, state, and local funds, including federal grants awarded and managed through CDTC's project selection process. Information on projects recently awarded funding by CDTC can be found here.

All federal funding expenditures in the TIP have been approved by CDTC and are certified as consistent with the policies and long-term goals identified in the Transportation 2040 plan.

Transportation funding in Washington state is complex. For every paving job, bicycle lane or bridge widening, the money probably comes from a different tax or fee.  For more information, the Transportation Resource Manual published by the Joint Transportation Committee of the Washington Legislature provides a complete explanation of how the public funds transportation in our state.

2017 TIP Amendments

Amendment 2017–01

Amendment 2017–02

Amendment 2017–03

Amendment 2017–04

Amendment 2017-05

Amendment 2017-06

Amendment 2017-07


2017 TIP Amendment Schedule


Annual Listing of Federal Obligations

Annual Listing of Federal Obligations

In accordance with United States Code 23 CFR 450.332, CDTC is required to post a list of all federally funded obligations for projects within the Metropolitan Planning Area for the previous calendar year.

2016 Annual Listing of Federal Obligations